Our Varieties

Pepin Heights apples are extraordinary because we start with the “right” varieties – apple varieties that taste great, and grow well here in our particular terroir. So you won’t find commodity varieties in our orchards. What you will find are varieties, both old and new, that thrive in Minnesota and deliver a superior apple eating experience.



We think this is an incredible new apple, born and bred right here in Minnesota. We love it so much so that we have built a North American network to bring it to consumers. (Read that story here.) Supplies are still limited as production ramps up, so you’ll want to get them while you can.


early September


Mostly red, with pronounced lenticels (think: apple pores). This apple is crisp and sweet, with a lively touch of citrus, honey and spice.

Best uses:

fresh eating

Fresh Eating


Honeycrisp is a local Minnesota apple that has grown into a national phenomenon. (Read that story here.) Like many apple varieties, Honeycrisp prefers a certain geography for the best flavor and color – such as our bluff-top orchards overlooking the Mississippi River.




Red with mottled yellow background. Extremely crisp and juicy. Balanced sweet/tart flavor; very aromatic. Stores very well, for up to 6 months.

Best uses:

fresh eating, baking, sauce

Fresh EatingBakingSauce