Storage and Handling

Storage, Handling & Measures

We know that when you buy our apples, you want to get the most return on your investment. Here’s how.

Our apple storage and handling tips

  • Buy apples that are firm to the touch, and don’t have bruises or blemishes.
  • Store them in the refrigerator, not on the counter, to make them last. Apples ripen 10 times faster at room temperature.
  • Store apples in a ventilated plastic bag in your refrigerator’s humidified produce drawer.
  • If you are storing apples in large quantities in a basement or garage, cover the container with a clean, heavy, damp cloth to prevent the fruit from shriveling (losing moisture).
  • Remove overripe fruit promptly – the old saying “one bad apple spoils the whole bunch” is literally true.
  • Always wash produce under cool running water before eating. Do not use detergents!

Apple equivalents

1 pound equals: 3 medium apples
2 cups sliced
3 pounds equals: 8-9 medium apples
one 9-inch pie
1 peck equals: 10-12 pounds
32 medium apples
3-4 9-inch pies
7-9 quarts frozen
4 quarts canned
1 bushel equals: 42-48 pounds
126 medium apples
~15 9-inch pies
30-36 pints frozen
16-20 quarts canned