Here at Pepin Heights Orchards, we are motivated by one simple premise: apples should be exciting. We know that when you bite into one of our apples, you expect more than mere calories. You expect to revel in the flavor, and delight in the eating experience. We take that responsibility seriously. In fact, our goal is that after eating a Pepin Heights apple, you’ll want another one – right away.

We grow extraordinary apples. We ship them only for a short time, while they are at their peak. We sell them only through top retailers who share our passion for great food, and in our own store.


SweeTango and Sweet Potato Soup

This soup recipe features quintessential fall flavors – including SweeTango. It was developed by Chefs Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo of LA’s Animal Restaurant. VIEW »


Building a Better Apple

This article tells the story to date about how SweeTango(R), and the grower cooperative that produces it, got started. Pepin Heights has been instrumental in the early chapters of that ongoing story.  Read article (“Building a Better Apple”, USDA Rural Cooperatives magazine, September/October 2015.)

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The Miracle Apple

 NPR’s Planet Money podcast looks at how we got from mealy, nasty apples to apples that actually taste delicious. The story starts with a Minnesota apple breeder who discovered a miracle apple (spoiler alert: it’s Honeycrisp!). But discovering that apple was not enough. Pepin Heights Owner Dennis Courtier is interviewed. Listen to NPR podcast Source: […]

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