Make Pepin Heights your premium apple supplier

Why choose Pepin Heights to be your apple supplier?

  • We start with the right varieties: We travel the globe to find the best tasting apples (and we find many of them right here in Minnesota!).
  • We grow them in the right place: Our orchards on the bluffs about the Mississippi River are ideal apple-growing terroir.
  • We wrote the first chapters of the Honeycrisp story: We were the first apple producer to see this variety‚Äôs potential; it has since become a national apple phenomenon.
  • And now we are doing it again, with SweeTango.
  • We supply the apples your customers will ask for by name.
  • You share our passion for great food.

To learn what our apples can do for your apple category, contact:

Lynn Ruffell
Pepin Heights Marketing & Sales
Tel. office 651-345-2305
E-mail: lynn@pepinheights.com

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